Nekresi Monastery

Photo by tomasz przechlewski (CC BY 2.0)

Nekresi Monastery is one of the largest monastery complexes in the Kakheti region. It's situated high on a hill above the Alazani valley.

The monastery repeatedly suffered from various invasions. It is said that during one of the invasions the monks released a herd of pigs down the mountainside, to keep the muslim invaders away. Their four legged saviours were honoured by a big feast, serving as dinner for the monks, and rumour has it that religious holidays are still comemmorated by pork barbecues.



Opening hours



Take any marshrutka from Telavi Old Bus Station that goes from Telavi to Kvareli village and ask the driver to stop at turn-off to the monastery (1.5 hrs, 3 GEL, every 40 min 09:30-17:30). From there you can reach the monastery by foot, or by the monastery's own shuttle bus that takes you from the foot of the hill to the entrance of the complex (1 GEL/return trip, every 30 minutes 09:00-17:00). No cars are allowed up to the monastery.


AddressKvareli village