Tbilisi Central Train Station

After an extensive refurbishment, the lower levels are now a shopping mall. Tickets and platforms are on the upper levels. 


To Yerevan, Armenia - odd days at 22:20 (arriving 06:55 next morning).
From Yerevan - see Yerevan Train Station.

To Baku, Azerbaijan - daily at 17:30 (arriving 08:10 next morning). 63 GEL/second class.


Domestic tickets can be purchased online, and a receipt on a smartphone or a computer is valid for travel. 

To Batumi:
Express train - daily at 08:45 (5 hrs 25 mins, 18 GEL for 2nd class).
Night train - odd numbered days at 00:35 (arriving at 06:15).
Return times - see Batumi Train Station.

To Borjomi - daily at 06:45 (arriving at 10:55), and at 16:35 (arriving at 20:45). 2 GEL.
From Borjomi - see Borjomi Park Station.

To Kutaisi - daily at 08:55 (arriving at 14:18). 8 GEL.
From Kutaisi - see Kutaisi I Train Station.

To Mtskheta - daily at 08:55 and 21:45 (25 mins, 1 GEL).
From Mtskheta - see Mtskheta Train Station.

To Gori - daily at 00:35, 08:00, 08:20, 08:45, 18:15, 21:45. (1 hr, 4 GEL).
From Gori - see Gori Train Station. 

* The schedule is as of June 2016, for updated information and other destinations, check the website of the Georgian Railways (external link).


Station Square metro station


Alternative nameTbilisi Zentrali
Original nameთბილისი ცენტრალი
AddressStation Square