Narikala Fortress

View on Narikala Fortress
Photo by Anastasia Makarova (All rights reserved)

The crumbling ruins of this once great fortress, standing next to the Botanical gardens, offer panoramic views of the city below. You can catch a cable car from Rike Park, or walk up from the centre. But be warned — it's a fairly steep climb. Inside the fortress there's a church, and you can climb the walls if you continue up the hill, but make sure to watch your step while climbing. 

The fortress was first mentioned in the 6th century, but much of what remains today is from the 17th century, when most of the complex had to be rebuilt after a strong earthquake. It used to have a defensive function, and passed several times from Persians to Turks to Georgians.


Free entry to the fortress

Opening hours

Mo-Su 09:00-21:00


Take a cable car up to the fortress from the Rike park (1 GEL + 2 GEL for a plastic card-metromoney, the card can be returned within a one month period).


Original nameნარიყალა