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Sighnaghi is a charming town in Georgia's easternmost region of Kakheti, situated on a steep hill it overlooks the Alazani Valley and faces the Greater Caucasus Mountains. It's known as the ''City of Love'' due to its romantic atmosphere, created by winding, mediterranian-style streets, towers and red-tiled houses.


Red roofs of the Sighnaghi
View of Sighnaghi from the Old City Wall.
Photo by Tripfinger AS (All rights reserved)

Sighnaghi is turning into an important place of Georgian tourism, and has seen several reconstruction programs. A day is enough to see the city, but it's also a suitable base for exploring the region.

If Batumi is the place for getting wasted on the beach, Sighnaghi is the place you enjoy a quiet night out, drinking wine with friends.


There is a lot of accomodation available in all price ranges.


Marshrutkas returning to Tbilisi are often sold out, but it's possible to book tickets in advance from the ticket kiosk at the marshrutka station.

For regional travel, many connections will go through nearby Tsnori (4 GEL by taxi or 1 GEL by marshrutka), to which there are marshrutkas every hour.


Woman selling churchkhela at indoor bazaar
Large ammount of churchkhela at Sighnaghi bazaar.
Photo by Tripfinger AS (All rights reserved)

The town is known for its wine production, like most of the Kakheti region. You also will find nice carpets, ceramics and leather wares here. At the indoor bazaar in the centre of the city there is a huge amount of churchkhela, spices, traditional souce and homemade wine.