Mtskheta Train Station

Mtskheta lies on the Tbilisi-Kutaisi railway and all trains connecting these cities stop at Mtskheta. 

To Tbilisi - daily at 05:50 and 17:01 (40 mins, 1 GEL). 
From Tbilisi - see Tbilisi Central Train Station.

To Kutaisi - daily at 09:20 (arriving at 14:18). 7 GEL.
From Kutaisi - see Kutaisi I Train Station.

To Gori - daily at 09:20 and 22:10 (45 mins, 1 GEL).
From Gori - daily at 05:01 and 16:15 (50 mins, 1 GEL).

* The schedule is as of June 2016. For updated information and other destinations, check the website of the Georgian Railways (external link).


The train station lies 2 km from the city center. It's possible to walk, or you can take a marshrutka from the station to the centre.


AddressEkvtim Takaishvili Street
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