Cable car hanging over a gorge
Photo by Tripfinger AS (All rights reserved)

The main attraction of this town, hidden in the heart of the Adjarian mountains, is a Soviet cable car that stretches across a gorge to the mountain village of Tago on the other side. It functions as public transport for the villagers, and is definitely a memorable experience if you're brave enough to cram into the little cabin. Tago is also reachable by road (8km, goes through the gorge).

The town itself also makes for a pleasant walk, mainly because of its spectacular location surrounded by mountain landscapes.

There is a tourist information office with English-speaking staff next to the cable car, open from 09:00 to 19:00.

If you want to continue on to Beshumi village, there is a free bus service in the summer months, departing each morning at 08:00, and returning at 17:00.

There are a couple of restaurants in town, but you won't find anything fancy. We enjoyed some decent khachapuri in the same building as Finca bank, in the street where the marshrutkas arrive. There is a hotel in the same street.


A one-way ride with the cable car costs 0.20 GEL for locals, but the tourist price we were asked was 5 GEL round-trip. Through hard negotiations we got it down to local price, but if you plan on bargaining, we recommend you make an agreement before you enter the cabin.

Opening hours

The cable car operates from 08:00 to 20:00 with a break between 14:00 and 15:00. It runs based on demand, so the car can easily get stuck on one side for a while. We decided to walk around the village, and had to wait quite a while for it to come back again.


Take a marshrutka to Khulo town (has sign in English) from Batumi Bus Terminal or Chavchavadze Street (5 GEL, about hourly). Departures are more frequent in the morning.